My Journey

I truly feel blessed to be able to work full-time with composing and music production which is my passion. But it didn't happen over night. It has been incremental steps that, in retrospect, has led me to where I am today. 

I have always, as long as I can remember, been very curious about music and instruments. This I have my mom and dad to thank who at an early age exposed me to the drums. I received my first tiny set when I was just a few years old and before that I was drumming away on pots and pans that I took took from the kitchen. My mom has told me that it often happened that she needed a special pot and exchanged for a another one so I could keep on with my percussion.


Later, after my tiny set had become to tiny, I was given a real drum set which took up most of my waking hours after school. But even at school a beat could pop up in my head so I discreetly made the sound with my mouth to remember it for later. 

My first studio equipment was a porta studio with four channels. I could record the drums via a microphone and then use the same microphone and record synth, bass and piano through a speaker and mix it unto a tape. I then passed it around to my family to listen to. The sound quality was obviously not the best but it helped me stay creative and always develop my skills. 

However, it has never been a must for me. I have never felt pressured by my parents to excel. IT has been a true passion and an obsession. 

After a while the portastudio was obsolete and I bought my first PC, sound card and Cubase. This is where I really could experiment and a whole new world opened up for me. Now I was truly stuck. I could make my own music and it sounded so much better than the tape.

Movies has always been a huge inspiration and I remember that I was more interested by the score than the actual storyline. So, one of my first project in Cubase was to put music to comic books which already had a finished storyline. 

After a while the included sounds was not inspiring me so I saved every penny to be able to purchase new sound libraries to take the production to a new level. Then a new challenge: My PC was not my best friend and it took forever to upload a project (Could go and eat and come back and it still had not uploaded correctly). So I saved, worked summer jobs and could finally buy my first Mac computer and start using logic. This was revolutionary. I could record so much more efficiently! I bought newer sounds and slowly advanced my passion.... 

©2020 by Johannes Bornlöf Composer